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Crossover Dates

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My wife and I recently crossed a round number year anniversary of the date we first met in person. It occurred to me that it was actually more than half my lifetime and (in hindsight) thought that “crossover date” might have been another moment in time worth paying attention to.

Below is a quick and dirty form that will calculate the crossover date given a start date e.g. my birth date, and an event date e.g. when I first met my wife. Any textual representation of a date that the JavaScript Date Constructor recognizes should work e.g. 2018-05-04 for May 4, 2018.

Start Date: Event Date:
Crossover Date:

In my case, the crossover date of meeting my wife was three weeks before this most recent round number year anniversary. According to Vanguard there’s an 80%+ chance that I’ll live long enough to reach the crossover date of my daughter being born i.e. I’ll have spent more years alive with her than without. Sadly (without some significant advances in veterinary medicine) it will not be possible to reach the crossover date of when we adopted our dog.

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