Entries from July 2009

Friday, July 31st, 2009

First webOS App

I finished version 0.1 of my first Palm webOS application last weekend. The Palm Pre has a GPS chip in it but there are no applications that expose the raw data, as a dedicated GPS would. As I’m about to embark on a 9 day hike around the rim of Lake Tahoe, I decided to […]

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Project Euler Problems #3 and #5

I got ahead of myself last post and skipped problem 3. Maybe it’s because it wasn’t that interesting: what’s the largest prime factor of 600851475143? Being an odd number meant 2 was not the largest prime factor, and no even numbers are prime so this simple trial division function seemed to work pretty well: def […]

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Project Euler Problem #4

As I work through these projecteuler problems, it’s become apparent that my brain tends towards a particular style of solution. When I know one way to solve a problem, I tend to just implement it, as I want to get to the next one. In the future, I’m going to start trying to find multiple […]

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Project Euler Problem #2

Problem 2 from projecteuler requested the sum of all the even Fibonacci numbers below 4 million. I had seen references to “generators” in some of the Python howtos and after further reading, this seemed like a reasonable place to try them out. def fibGenerator(): fib0 = 0 fib1 = 1 while True: yield fib1 fibNext […]

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

projecteuler.net + Python

I’ve started working through the problems at projecteuler, using Python. After playing around with Erlang for a while, I began to dislike the way the programming methodologies were baked into the language. It’s not that I disagreed with them, but sometimes it’s overkill to HAVE to do things via the idioms of assign once and […]