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Famous Board Games Photo

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My wife works at Kids In Motion and a few years ago I threw together their website including some photos she had taken. One of them was a cropped version of this image:

Canonical Board Games Image

The site doesn’t get much traffic, but I recently started experimenting with Google AdWords and Analytics for my own site and wondered what sort of statistics were being generated by the Kids In Motion site. I was surprised to see the most frequently requested URL was to an image, board_games.jpg. Here are a few sites that are directly linking to it: scroll down to “The Librarian’s Guide To Gaming”,board games night, Top 13 Old School Board Games.

I was curious how they came across the image so I searched for board games in Google. Low and behold the first result is my wife’s Kids In Motion photo (though this particular site decided to copy the image vs. directly linking to it). So somehow, the Internet has decided it’s the canonical board games image. This is even more awesome than when Digg was going through a “photos of goats” stage and someone thought one of my Flickr photos was a good example of Rupicaprid Ninjas.

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