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100 Mile Wilderness Trek (August 2010)
Tahoe Rim Trail Thru-Hike (August 2009)
Mt. Kilimanjaro, Arusha and Nairobi (February 2008)
Have Air Hockey Table, Will Make Movie (12MB AVI DivX/MP3)
Have Air Hockey Table, Will Make Movie (21MB MOV Sorenson)
Short 3/4/5 Ball Juggling Video (11MB MOV Sorenson)
2004 Election Campaign Video (10MB MOV Sorenson)
Iraq War Protest Footage (11MB AVI DivX/MP3)
Iraq War Protest Footage (11MB MOV Sorenson)
Turkey (2006): 10 Days, 3 Regions, 1 Solar Eclipse
Alaska (2006): Crusin'
Japan Pictures
The Old Intro
Senior Thesis Animation
The Blair Bitch Project
Art 160 (multimedia)
Kings Canyon
Me as Adv. Web Design Instructor @ CyberCamps 1999
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