How To Catch A Thief... When You're 3in Tall, Made Out Of steel, and Can't Speak

The completed animation can be downloaded as a 23MB Sorenson Compressed Quicktime Movie. The associated thesis outlining the creative process is also available.

Scene 1: On a foggy night, the camera flies in to a lone house. A roaming flashlight beam is visible, and the camera moves in through the window.

Scene 2: The camera follows the flashlight down a dark hallway, until it pauses by a doorknob. The owner of the flashlight finds the door locked, and proceeds to slip a newspaper under the door.

Scene 3: Meanwhile on the otherside of the door, a skeleton key (our hero) lies asleep in the keyhole.

Scene 3 continued: The burglar uses a small rod-like object to push the key out of the keyhole.

Non-rendered frames

<<--- "Render Farm"

Scene 3 continued: The key lands face down on the newspaper and proceeds to stand up. The burglar pulls the newspaper back under the door, expecting the key to come with it; however, the key hops off before going under the door. The intruder attempts to retrieve the key by sweeping a coat hanger under the door, but the key avoids it. As a final attempt, the burglar tries to get the key with a magnet attached to a string, but is unsuccessful as the key hops away under the table.

The burglar smashes down the door with a HUGE mallet, the resulting mini-earthquake knocks a cordless phone and TV remote control off the table and onto the floor. The intruder walks into the room. The key, thinking quickly, dials 911. When the operato r answers, the key realizes it cannot speak and turns on the TV. It flips through the channels until an old movie with a screaming woman pops up. At this time, the key raises the volume to the max.

Scene 4: The police arrived on the scene, ready to apprehend the intruder.

Scene 5: The key, having thwarted the burglar settles back into its place. The End